Did you know that it takes four tons of fish from the ocean to feed one ton of fish in aquaculture?

In light of climate change, the global population boom and the need to move towards more natural food sources, Beetle Genius believes in the necessity to develop new sources of protein, which consume less energy and are more environmentally friendly for the world around us.

Over the next five years, our products will primarily be used as fish and animal feed, as well as to enrich the soil with bio-fertilizers. We will also emphasize research to develop other uses for our products and more useful biomolecules.

Our experience allows us to expand and adapt our model to any sources of raw materials, whether they are by-products or plant matter.

Mealworm larvae excel at transforming plant matter into natural components with a high added nutritional value. These organic components are rich in protein, amino acids and fatty acids.

Our unique production model is based on efficiency, quality and respect – no hazardous waste is produced.

Beetle Genius’ integrated process – which spans from the nursery through to the enhancement of our products – aims to make insects the focus of our circular supply chain and to transform the natural symbiosis between insects and farming into a new agricultural model.

Our Story

The environmental limitations of our current food production methods will irrevocably impact our living conditions and food security, while also raising awareness of how the microcosm contributes to humanity as a whole. Karim Sabeg, the founder of Beetle Genius, was inspired to develop a unique and innovative technology that combines agricultural engineering and mealworm biology, since the metabolism of this insect cannot be separated from plants, thus favorably enhancing the benefits and exceptional organic qualities of the mealworm.

Our technology

We have designed our technology to accurately replicate the natural habitat of the mealworm to ensure they are bred under optimal conditions.

Our expertise

Beetle Genius’ industrial expertise relies not only on a comprehensive understanding of the insect’s biology and ecosystem, but also on a just-in-time mass production process.

Our values & Commitments

Beetle Genius has developed a revolutionary technology allowing total control on the production line and respecting the following commitments:


Appropriate breeding

Integral breeding also takes the optimal conditions for the development of the mealworm and public health conditions into account. Beetle Genius has developed and implemented a revolutionary exclusive technology that allows for effective oversight of the chain of production and respect for this commitment to appropriate breeding. Beetle Genius’ exclusive technology takes the special living conditions of an abundant mealworm population into account and precisely replicates their natural habitat, in order to encourage the best possible conditions for their development. A high-quality diet for this large insect population comprises only carefully selected grains residues and green waste.


Products designed to ensure comprehensive food security

Beetle Genius’ technology is developed in accordance with safety standards and European regulations and ensures that the production not only boasts exceptional nutritional value in terms of mealworm protein and amino acids, but also complete traceability, thanks to end-to-end monitoring of the entire production cycle, from egg to adult (imago). Breeding and reproduction are closely monitored to avoid inbreeding, thanks to the implemented process and a nursery. The nursery is automated, but with consistent human supervision to monitor the delicate process and ensuring precise metabolism of the population. Insects that are bred in this way benefit from a vital focus on quality.


Environmentally responsible production, which respects the climate and the environment

Our technology was designed to limit the carbon footprint of contemporary industrial production. Our recycling-based production of feed for mealworms, fish farming and animal feed, as well as bio-fertilizers for crops, helps to prevent overfishing, deforestation and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It employs compatible sources of renewable energies and new smart technologies to enable water recycling and purification, the capture and reuse of carbon and the conversion of heat into energy. Our production has also been designed with the circular economy in mind: grains residues and green wastes from local farmers are recycled to feed the insects.

The Unique Comparative Advantages of Beetle Genius

Our experimental work over the past two years has enabled us to:


Monitoring of the natural life cycle of the mealworm, in terms of reproduction, gestation, breeding and feeding, in a biotope within a giant modular manufacture 4.0.


An automated and integrated nursery, which facilitates selectivity and traceability, monitoring of strains and specially adapted genetics for the mealworm.


The modularity of the farm and its integrated supply chain makes it possible to replicate and adapt it to any agricultural ecosystem, thus ensuring that the quality of our products is best-suited to the surrounding land.


Circular and environmentally responsible production with a sustainable local approach.