Our team

Beetle Genius boasts a permanent international team that is spread across Belgium, Spain and France. It comprises renowned researchers and scientists in the field of entomology, molecular biology, fine chemicals and organic chemistry, and agricultural engineering. They also work with a network of academic partners, including universities (Liège, Seville) and large applied or pure research centers like the CNRS.

Karim Sabeg

Chief Executive Officer

An Industrial Systems Engineer and graduate of the École Polytechnique, Solvay Business School and Politecnico di Milano, Karim has amassed significant expertise in advanced industrial processes, development of digital systems, cyber-security, and, over the last five years, international industrial project development. Autodidact studies in entomology and agricultural sciences has enabled Karim to found and manage Beetle’ multidisciplinary team across three countries since 2017.

Professor Eric Haubruge

Chief Scientific Officer

Eric Haubruge is an agricultural engineer and doctor of agricultural science and bioengineering. A full Professor at Gembloux Agro Biotech at Liège University since 2007 and the recipient of a dozen scientific awards and distinctions. He is also the author of more than 300 scientific publications in agriculture, entomology and the food sector. Thanks to his global overview of agricultural science and its opportunities and challenges, Eric knows that creativity, coupled with innovation, is a driver for the development of new economic models. Eric Haubruge, co-founded the digital learning incubator “Jobs@Skills”, is also Vice President of the WSL corporate incubator since 2016 and also used his expertise to co-found the startups “La Miam Factory” (2016) and “Gembloux Beer” (2018). He is also the co-founder of one of the first living labs dedicated to innovation and culinary sciences: the “Smart Gastronomy Lab”.

Christian van dorpe

Vice Chairman Beetle Genius
Chairman Belgium

Christian VAN DORPE has well-established long-term experience as a top senior executive and a member of executive and management committees for private companies in Europe (including ENGIE).

He has been the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in France and provided the Belgian government with consultancy services pertaining to energy matters.

He is a member of various Boards and Auditing Committees for private and public companies (utilities, banking, pharmacy, real estate and more).

Christian Van Dorpe has also been a lecturer at the Sorbonne University Paris IV (Celsa) and the University of Brussels (Polytechnic Faculty – Operational Research).

Christian is fascinated by neuroscience, artificial intelligence, digital IoT and virtual reality and offers consultancy services to several companies in these sectors.

Antonio Coronel

Bioengineer & Protein Expert

Antonio Coronel holds a bachelor’s degree in Biotech Engineering and more than 10 years of experience in food-processing project development as a Lab Technical Director before joining Beetle Genius. He has amassed expertise in proteins, fermentation and the recycling of low-value products, which makes him the perfect candidate to lead bioengineering operations in the Beetle Genius Lab and the integrated insect breeding system.

Pierre Sallenave

Business Development

A project management and strategic consultant, Pierre has worked in various sectors and many countries. Having trained in engineering, he has remained rooted in higher education and research,

in particular as a Department Director at Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées between 2010 and 2020. Pierre has also assumed executive roles for the State, as well decentralised services in the ministerial cabinet or at the head of higher public institutions.

Professor Taofic Alabi

Entomologist Expert

Taofic holds a PhD in Agricultural Sciences from Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech in Belgium. With 18 years of extensive experience in insect farming, he leads Beetle Genius’ breeding unit.